Foldit Creates Young Scientists

IMG_7620 This past weekend, the Center from Game Science was joined by scientists from the Baker Lab to help bring the joy of science (and protein folding) to visitors of all ages at the eighth annual Life Sciences Research Weekend.

Business was brisk at Pacific Science Center with hopeful players peeking over shoulders, or waiting a turn nearby at our protein coloring station featuring six different designs created by Foldit players.

See our collection of pictures from the weekend on our Flickr account or Facebook pages for more weekend snapshots.

We’ll be tucked away working on things during November and working with some local school groups for playtests (so things may be a bit quiet), but if you want to come see the Center for Game Science in person, your next chance will be the CSE Computing Open House early next month. See you there!


Kids Like to Learn Algebra, if It Comes in the Right App

Zoran Popović is teaching algebra to children with an adaptive—and addictive—new videogame called DragonBox Adaptive.

Want to learn more about the Center for Game Science and how we used DragonBox Adaptive to help K-12 graders in Washington state learn to enjoy math? Check out the feature on Wired!

Play at Work: How Games Inspire Breakthrough Thinking

Foldit’s origin story from the initial brainstorming session to the Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus breakthrough (and beyond) is featured in a new book by Adam L. Penenberg, a journalism professor at NYU.

Check out “Play at Work: How Games Inspire Breakthrough Thinking” for an insightful new look at how games of all varieties are helping us learn, create, and innovate.

Computer games + math = fun and learning in schools

Check out this Seattle Times article from higher-education reporter Katherine Long to learn how CGS is working to make games more effective at teaching math.

Foldit player visits UW!

Today we had a special visit to the Center for Game Science and Baker Lab here at the University of Washington from Foldit player and #2 ranked global soloist gmn! We had a great time swapping stories and talking shop.

Thanks for stopping by, gmn! Come back and see us again soon.