Education Lab Blog Chats With CGS Partner Enlearn

enlearnThis spring, our Enlearn partners tested their new platform in nine sixth-grade classrooms in the Seattle school district. Center Director Zoran Popović has some thoughts on this topic he recently shared with the Seattle Times Education Lab Blog. Check it out!

Engaged Learning Partners With Center for Game Science

Engaged Learning – a new not-for-profit K-12 company – announced yesterday that it is partnering with the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science (CGS). They have joined forces to attack what has been an intractable problem in K-12 schools for years – providing education that is differentiated for each and every child, teacher and classroom.

“The Engaged Learning/CGS partnership offers a completely new solution for several key reasons,” explains Center Director Zoran Popović. “First, we can turn existing static curricular content into an infinitely adaptable version capable of true and unique specialization for each learner. Second, we can then analyze the enormous number of variables that affect student learning in real time. And third, we use this data to continuously adapt and personalize – not just curriculum, but the entire learning process and ecosystem of students, teachers and even parents.”

Read the full press release here.