Foldit Helps Statewide Efforts in Ebola Research

CGSWebSiteFolditCircleFoldit’s role in Ebola is clearly becoming more important than ever. The Seattle Times took a look yesterday evening at the statewide efforts being made to combat Ebola. Taking a look at nonprofit organizations, grants, and nurses mobilizing towards this epidemic, Foldit and the Baker Laboratory are called out for their contributions and efforts towards finding cures. “Especially for Ebola we put everything out there [through Foldit] because we want things to move quickly,” explains [Baker Lab scientist] La, who hopes these efforts will result in a cheap, easily replicable treatment for Ebola “sooner rather than later.”

Follow the puzzle progress or lend a hand towards the effort here.

Media Roundup: Foldit Style

CGSWebSiteFolditCircleFoldit has been making the rounds this early summer, and appearing in the news with frequency lately! While Marketing Interactive points out “Why Brands Need to Learn How to Play”, the Huffington Post checked in with a list formatted look over the weekend on ways computing has helped the battle against AIDS. Even though Wired didn’t call out Foldit specifically in the recent “Science Spectacles”, the author did note that “…the most exciting science going on today doesn’t lend itself to spectacles. Take the protein folding problem.” Feel free to explore any of the links for more and take a look at our brand new media section to read about our other titles as well!

Fast Company Chats Foldit and Nanocrafter

cgsIn this latest article from Fast Company, Foldit’s approach to helping harness the great imagination of humans vs computers is discussed, and Nanocrafter is called out as part of a movement away from desktop games and towards more web-friendly ones. Read on for more!

Foldit and Nanocrafter Inspiring Next-Gen Biohackers

FolditYesterday, the SynBioBeta blog posed the intriguing question, “Can Video Games Inspire the Next Generation of Biohackers?” Specifically noting Nanocrafter, author Maxx Chatsko says, “Popovic created another hit, this time specific to the synthetic biology community, when he launched the puzzle game Nanocrafter, which is specifically designed to educate individuals on DNA and encourage creativity.” Read on for more observations about other titles, including our very own Foldit.

CGS Titles Entice Students to “Game On”

CGS-logoThe Daily at the University of Washington has taken a look at the games of the Center this week, specifically giving focus to Refraction, Foldit, and DragonBox.

Calling out our results for the Algebra Challenges we completed last year, the article points out the way these video games are leading the charge to change the ways in which we think about education.