Game Science Titles Making News

Nanocrafter LogoNanocrafter and Foldit are making news again, this time as part of an article discussing revolutionary titles in health and scientific research.

“The original Foldit,” Zoran Popović says, “was solving a three-dimensional puzzle — trying to project what the shapes [of the proteins] should be. Nanocrafter is about protein design — people designing proteins that don’t exist in nature.”

Curious about Center Director Zoran Popović’s other comments on Nanocrafter – and what popular building toys Nanocrafter is frequently compared to? Read the full article over at Science Friday.

Foldit player visits UW!

Today we had a special visit to the Center for Game Science and Baker Lab here at the University of Washington from Foldit player and #2 ranked global soloist gmn! We had a great time swapping stories and talking shop.

Thanks for stopping by, gmn! Come back and see us again soon.

Penny Arcade TV

patvThis week Foldit is featured on Penny Arcade TV’s Extra Credits, which takes a deeper look at games; how they are made, what they mean and how we can make them better. This week’s topic is centered around the need to change the conversation around video games.


Computer Gamers Help Push Frontier Of Brain Research

nprscienceOur director Zoran Popović was interviewed by NPR Science Correspondent Joe Palca this morning in a segement titled Wanna Play? Computer Gamers Help Push Frontier Of Brain Research. Listen to the whole story or check out a transcript of the segement which features discussion on  Foldit and how video games are changing the landscape of scientific research and discovery.