Education Lab Blog Chats With CGS Partner Enlearn

enlearnThis spring, our Enlearn partners tested their new platform in nine sixth-grade classrooms in the Seattle school district. Center Director Zoran Popović has some thoughts on this topic he recently shared with the Seattle Times Education Lab Blog. Check it out!

DragonBox Heads to Seattle Libraries

sidebar_riddlebooks We are pleased to announce that DragonBox Adaptive and Riddle Books (available soon) are now also available through the Seattle Public Library Summer of Learning site. Youngsters now have three fantastic ways to experience our programs this summer:

Media Roundup: Foldit Style

CGSWebSiteFolditCircleFoldit has been making the rounds this early summer, and appearing in the news with frequency lately! While Marketing Interactive points out “Why Brands Need to Learn How to Play”, the Huffington Post checked in with a list formatted look over the weekend on ways computing has helped the battle against AIDS. Even though Wired didn’t call out Foldit specifically in the recent “Science Spectacles”, the author did note that “…the most exciting science going on today doesn’t lend itself to spectacles. Take the protein folding problem.” Feel free to explore any of the links for more and take a look at our brand new media section to read about our other titles as well!