University of Washington / Center for Game Science



A Games Based Learning and Problem Solving Framework

Using Large-Scale Data Mining.

By playing this game and other games hosted by the Center for Game Science from the University of Washington, you are informed that:

• We record the decisions and the scores of the players. By playing this game you participate in a scientific study, and the game records your decisions and paths through the game, so that the scientific co-creators of the game at the University Washington *, can improve the game for future players, and to determine if this game improves your skills over time, through internal activities to the game. Your clicks and keyboard keys you press are saved to help us determine where players are blocked, so that we can identify if there is a game design problem or learning objectives. We also use the information to customize the game experience for each player. Registering your interaction with the game will be added to a massive set of data for a statistical analysis of trends in gambling behaviors. This record will be kept for 7 years. This record is identical to the standard practices of the video game industry to enhance the player experience.

• For some games, we also request basic demographic information: age, sex, and educational level.

• The data will be shared with our colleagues from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who work with us on this project.

• This data may be published or shared with the scientific community in order to present the research results and to continue improving learning through play and improved games in question. The data will be in aggregate form (not per person) and will not contain any personal data or even individual dataset.

If you wish at any time no longer participate in this study, simply stop playing.

If you have questions or concerns about this study or this game, do not hesitate to contact us on or by calling +1 425 312 3363. If you have questions about your rights as participants in this study, you can contact a member of the division of human participants (Human Subjects Division) by calling +1 206 543 0098. Please note that emails are considered non-secure, we can not guarantee confidentiality.

[ ] By leaving this box checked, I give my permission for my data to be used for research.