View the PDF version of our Terms and Consent.

By playing this and other UW Center for Game Science games you acknowledge that:

a) We are recording logs of player decisions and player scores. As you play this game, you are participating in a research study, and it is keeping a record of your decisions and pathways through the game so that the game’s creators, researchers at the University of Washington*, can improve the game for future players, as well as see whether our games improve your abilities with in-game tasks over time. Your mouse clicks and key presses are being recorded. This is used to help us determine where players get stuck, so we can identify if it is a problem with the game design or with learning goals. We also use this information to personalize the game experience to each player. Your play log will be added to a massive dataset that shows us trends in player behavior. This data will be kept for 7 years. This logging is no different than the standard practice in the game industry aimed at improving player’s experience.

b) For some games, we are also asking for basic demographic information: Age, Gender, and Education Level.

c) The data will be shared with our collaborators at DARPA and ONR, who are working with us on this project.

d) This data may be published or shared with the academic community for the purposes of presenting research findings and furthering the advancement of improving games and learning through games. The log data will be in the aggregate and collected form (not per individual), without the possibility for anyone to determine any personably identifiable information or even personably identifiable game play information.

If you have any questions or concerns about the research or game, please feel free to contact us at or at (206) 616-2660. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact a member of UW’s Human Subjects Division at (206) 543-0098. Please note that emails are considered insecure and privacy is not guaranteed.

*This study is part of a research project entitled A Game Based Learning and Problem Solving Framework Using Large-Scale Data Mining with researchers: Zoran Popović, Seth Cooper, Christy Ballweber, Erik Anderson, Jonathan Barone, Tim Bertram, Eric Butler, Craig Conner, Rowan Copley, Dmitri Danilov, Jeff Flatten, Ronald Gray, Yun-En Liu, Travis Mandel, Elanor O’Rourke, Timothy Pavlik, Rich Snider, Roy Szeto, Aaron Whiting, Yanko Yankov – Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington; John Bransford, Philip Bell, Nancy Vye, Andrew Shouse, Theresa Horstman, Rachel Phillips – College of Education, University of Washington; Jeffrey Lin, Bjorn Huber-Wallander – Psychology, University of Washington; Daniel Schwartz, Nicole Hallinen, Kyla Haimovitz, Kristen Blair – Stanford University, School of Education; Carol Dweck – Stanford University, School of Psychology