Foldit Nature Paper

Nature paper published on Foldit produced proteins in August 5 2010 issue. The first nature paper where results are produced by game play, and most certainly the Nature’s first paper with over 57,000 authors!

Disney Learning Challenge

Refraction wins a Grand Prize in the Disney Learning Challenge. Refraction is a game prototype that discovers optimal pathways for learning fractions.

2010 Games Capstone

Six games produced in the 10-week Games Capstone class make it big in the wild: two independent reviews (1, 2), second best game of the week, and third best game of the month at, over $3,000 in awards and earnings in first two weeks, and more than 10 web distribution contracts.

Foundations of Digital Games

Three papers accepted over the weekend to Foundations of Digital Games.

3-D buildings

Our game, PhotoCity, is featured in the New York Times!