Fast Company Chats Foldit and Nanocrafter

cgsIn this latest article from Fast Company, Foldit’s approach to helping harness the great imagination of humans vs computers is discussed, and Nanocrafter is called out as part of a movement away from desktop games and towards more web-friendly ones. Read on for more!

Foldit and Nanocrafter Inspiring Next-Gen Biohackers

FolditYesterday, the SynBioBeta blog posed the intriguing question, “Can Video Games Inspire the Next Generation of Biohackers?” Specifically noting Nanocrafter, author Maxx Chatsko says, “Popovic created another hit, this time specific to the synthetic biology community, when he launched the puzzle game Nanocrafter, which is specifically designed to educate individuals on DNA and encourage creativity.” Read on for more observations about other titles, including our very own Foldit.

Game Science Titles Making News

Nanocrafter LogoNanocrafter and Foldit are making news again, this time as part of an article discussing revolutionary titles in health and scientific research.

“The original Foldit,” Zoran Popović says, “was solving a three-dimensional puzzle — trying to project what the shapes [of the proteins] should be. Nanocrafter is about protein design — people designing proteins that don’t exist in nature.”

Curious about Center Director Zoran Popović’s other comments on Nanocrafter – and what popular building toys Nanocrafter is frequently compared to? Read the full article over at Science Friday.

Nanocrafter Announced!

At the Games for Change conference last week, our latest game, Nanocrafter was announced by Center Director Zoran Popović.

In case you missed it, Nanocrafter is already making news:

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