It’s summertime in Seattle once again, and that means we’re teaming up with one of our favorite partners, Seattle Public Library. Last summer, patrons were able to play an early version of Riddle Books – this year, we’ve brought it back with some all new improvements (if you gave it a try last summer, we encourage you to give it a click and tell us what you think of the changes).

Visitors to select Seattle libraries during summer 2015 will also enjoy interactive workshops given by graduate students working with the Center for Game Science, as they present Dragon Architect and BlockStudio. If you’re local to these libraries, don’t delay – those workshops will fill up!

If you’ve been a part of our workshops already: thank you! Check out the galleries for a link to your game.


Click me for Queen Anne session games!
Go here for Beacon Hill games!
See the High Point games!
See a curated selection of Seattle Public Library BlockStudio games


Dragon Architect

Check out our current Dragon Architect gallery for games made during our workshops!