Mozak is a citizen science game in which players help build 3D models of ACTUAL neurons. Help advance neuroscience!

Riddle Books

Riddle Books develops Common Core concepts and supports the Math in Focus (Modeling Based Math) curriculum.


BlockStudio is an authoring environment that lets you make games within minutes, without writing code.

Dragon Architect

We’ve found a dragon that only speaks code! In Dragon Architect (9+) you learn it's language in a fun 3D building game.


Foldit is a game designed to tackle the problem of protein folding. Proteins are small “machines” within our bodies ...

DragonBox Adaptive

Maximize accessibility of basic algebra concepts to young students while taking advantage of specialization methods ...

Treefrog Treasure

Treefrog Treasure is a platformer game that teaches whole numbers and fractions as players hop around a variety of w ...


Refraction focuses on teaching fractions and discovering optimal learning pathways for math education. Bend and spli ...

Creature Capture

Creature Capture is a fun and colorful fraction-based card game where the goal of the game is to own more of the boa ...


From the makers of Flow Jam, Foldit and Nanocrafter, it’s Paradox! Eliminate conflicts by changing the state o ...

Vampire Vision

Vampire Vision was produced as a way to measure and possibly improve players’ visual perception. By training s ...

Capstone Games

Play the games created in the Capstone Software courses taught by Zoran Popović.

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Capstone 2014

Capstone 2012

Capstone 2011

Capstone 2010