Foldit vs. University of Michigan Science Challenge

Circle with Foldit GraphicEarlier today we released a special puzzle challenge for the Foldit community based on a structure of a protein solved by crystallographers in the Bardwell Lab at the University of Michigan.

Recently, our scientists learned the Bardwell scientists decided to challenge a class of undergraduate biochemistry students to build a model into this unrefined density map before publishing the results. Knowing our community would also enjoy a challenge, the lab also invited Foldit players to participate!

The Foldit community has four weeks to develop a protein model that fits this density. Can Foldit players outperform the University of Michigan students—or even the crystallographers themselves?

CGS and Allen Institute Bringing Collaborative Brainpower to Neuroscience

brain Today, we’re pleased to announce our newest project in collaboration with the Allen Institute for Brain Science. With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), we are pleased to announce plans to work with a growing community of citizen neuroscientists to develop a game whose ultimate goal is to produce a “periodic table of the neurons.” The effort will use crowd-sourcing to accelerate the discovery of 3-dimentional neuronal structures, while getting students and other non-“expert” citizens who participate excited about discovering some of the mysteries of the human brain. Read the full press release to learn more about the other creative new efforts announced by the White House yesterday to get more students and adults excited about science and space.

Our new project will join our well-established crowdsourcing efforts such as Foldit and Nanocrafter, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to continue our efforts to lend our expertise in the growing realm of citizen science.

Additionally, our Foldit community has some news regarding a special puzzle challenge via the Bardwell Lab at the University of Michigan.