More CGS on the go!

creatureCreature Capture has joined Refraction 2 and Treefrog Treasure as downloadable apps for playing on the go. Creature Capture is a fun and colorful fraction-based card game where the goal of the game is to own more of the board than your opponent! Players engage in both solo and multiplayer gameplay as they collect cards and build strategies. Opponents take turns playing their creature-themed cards to a central board, causing battles between opposing cards along the way. Feel free to tell your friends and associates by sending them the links below – and don’t forget to leave feedback on the store for us. We would love to know what you think!

Treefrog Treasure
Refraction 2
Creature Capture

Treefrog Treasure
Refraction 2
Creature Capture

Get Refraction 2 on your iPad devices

refraction2_screen1Kicking off our week, we are pleased to announce Refraction 2 is now available on iPad devices. One of our favorite fraction games at the Center, the original Refraction won the Grand Prize in the Disney Learning Challenge at SIGGRAPH 2010. Set with a space theme, Refraction 2 challenges players to use their knowledge of fractions to bend, shape, and power lasers to free lost animals trapped in spaceships.

Look for other great CGS titles to hit the app store soon – and don’t worry Android users – we’re working on a version for you too.

Right now, the App store has it under “Animation Research Labs”, but don’t worry – we’re getting that fixed, and it’s definitely a CGS title!

CGS Titles Entice Students to “Game On”

CGS-logoThe Daily at the University of Washington has taken a look at the games of the Center this week, specifically giving focus to Refraction, Foldit, and DragonBox.

Calling out our results for the Algebra Challenges we completed last year, the article points out the way these video games are leading the charge to change the ways in which we think about education.

Discovering optimal pathways for learning early mathematics

playSome of the Center for Game Science’s most popular games focus on early math, including topics such as fractions and algebra. These areas are some of the main bottlenecks preventing students from pursuing futures in math and science.

Hear from the CGS team in this video produced by UW’s Computer Science and Engineering Department and find out how we are working to inspire young learners to excel at math through our award-winning game, Refraction.