CGS Summer Camps A Success!

summercamp2Over the course of the summer, we have been working with local area Boys & Girls Clubs to provide fun summer play testing activities for several programs currently in development. While most of our day camp visits have been here at the University of Washington, we spent three afternoons this week at a local club, allowing campers the opportunity to explore art activities related to currently online Riddle Books and build games progressively over the week. It was a great opportunity, and we are already discussing plans for next summer. If you want to get in on the ground floor by keeping up to date on our Summer 2015 activities, drop us a line!

Education Lab Blog Chats With CGS Partner Enlearn

enlearnThis spring, our Enlearn partners tested their new platform in nine sixth-grade classrooms in the Seattle school district. Center Director Zoran Popović has some thoughts on this topic he recently shared with the Seattle Times Education Lab Blog. Check it out!